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Top Theme Parks of the World

Amusement Parks, Water Parks or Theme Parks are good places to relax and spend quality time with your whole family. Whether you are a child or child at heart, you will definitely enjoy the amusements that world-class theme parks have to offer. Because of the so much fun it can bring to the people, theme parks are often filled with families and couples who love adventure. Now all of these beat my favorite river tubing float back home, hands down, but let’s take a peek of the top theme parks and amusement parks of different countries from all over the world.

The Land of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck and Goofy have many branches spread all throughout the globe. Disneyland is perhaps the most famous theme / amusement park in the entire world, with many people. There is a Disneyland in California, there is also one in Las Vegas, one in Tokyo, and another in Hongkong, and in France, Disneyland is practically all over the globe.

disneylandThe landscape, landmarks and attractions are practically different from one another, but if there’s one thing that’s common with every Disneyland all over the world, it is the presence of the famous Disney characters. If your child loves Disney channel and movies, or you yourself love the characters, you will surely find yourself taking a picture with the characters.

From the Disney princesses Snow White and Sleeping Beauty to Mickey and Minnie, you will surely be astounded to find a real life Disney character. Also, there are many fun rides and booths that will surely make your visit in Disneyland much more memorable.

Truly, Disneyland lives up to its promise of being the Happiest Place on Earth.

Universal Studios
Like Disneyland, Universal Studios can be found all over the world. There’s one in Florida, in Orlando, in Hollywood and even in Japan and Singapore. Universal Studies features attraction from famous movies produced by the same company such as Harry Potter, Transformers and Despicable Me. If you’re a fan of these movies, you will naturally find yourself screaming once you see Minions or Megatrons walking around the theme park when you visit.

Universal Studios also has a resort in Orlando. An approximation of 30.8 million guests visits Universal Studios annually. This figure makes Universal Studios one of the most prominent and one of the best theme parks of the many theme parks scattered abroad.

universal studiosFor the fanatics of thrilling rides themed with your favorite Universal Studios movies, visiting a theme park by Universal Studios is something that you must do!

Lego Land
Lego Land, as the name implies, is an amusement park made with a Lego-theme. Lego Land is present in Denmark, United Kingdom, California, Germany, Malaysia and Florida. Lego Land boasts that it is not just a place for fun and amusement but also a place for education. So if you want your kids to have fun while learning a few things, visiting Lego Land is a good choice.

All of the rides and attractions in the parks are Lego-themed, while most are made to look like they were built with real Legos. One of the most fun rides is the Driving School where little kids are made to drive small electric cars that look like Lego cars around a small road network, completing it makes them earn their own driving license.