Healthy Snack Options at Theme Parks

Going to a theme park could be so much fun for you and your kids. Ride a rollercoaster, take a picture with mascots, enjoy the beautiful landscape… and even ruin your diet? No, going to a theme park doesn’t necessarily mean eating junk food and ruining your diet. While it is a fact that theme parks are filled with stalls selling junk food such as hotdogs, ice creams and cotton candy, there are healthier snack options for all the health fanatics out there. For instance, many top theme parks have water softeners installed so you can drink free filtered water, So, You do not need to inhibit yourself from going to a theme park just because of the thought that you don’t have healthy food options.

Fruits and Vegetables
fruits in theme parkYou may not believe it but yes, you can also find a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables in theme parks. Though the number is less as compared with hotdogs and pop corns, it is still good to know that theme parks sell fruits and vegetables as snack. Fruits and vegetables are ideal for all health fanatics out there. Fruit and vegetable stuffs carry with them a variety of necessary vitamins and minerals that are good for your health. Some fruits and vegetables also contain fiber which can be a good energy source especially that you need a lot of energy when wandering around a theme park. Apples, oranges and bananas are most often on push carts and small stalls around theme parks.

Eat a Restaurant
Most theme parks has a restaurant section where you can choose from many different restaurants. Choose a restaurant where you can eat healthy stuff, such as grilled fish or vegetable salads. This may sound boring, but hey, for all those who love healthy stuffy, you will surely patronize the restaurants within a theme park.

Bring your own Food
A few theme parks allow you to bring your own food. Pack up all the healthy food you can pack. This way, you will be eating healthy, at the same time, saving a little money.



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